Welcome to our webshop! As the proud owner of Stenbroen Guld & Ure in Skagen, I am happy to present our fantastic team of dedicated and competent employees.

Our staff are not just employees, they are the heart and soul of our business. They are skilled, passionate and always smiling. Their expertise in jewelry is a source of great pride for us. Whether you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, a unique piece of jewelery for a special occasion or just need advice and guidance, our team is here to help.

We believe in creating personal and memorable experiences for our customers, and our team always goes the extra mile to ensure you leave with a smile on your face and the perfect piece of jewelery or watch in hand.

So whether you visit our store in Skagen or explore our selection online, you can be sure that our skilled staff are ready to provide the best service and expertise in the world of jewelery and watches.

Thank you for visiting our webshop and we look forward to welcoming you and helping you find the perfect piece of jewelry!

With best regards

Mette Stenbroen
Owner, Stenbroen Gold & Watches in Skagen

Our history

1914 - 1997

Frederik Stenbroen

Owner from 1/4-1945 to 1/4-1985

1945 -

Inge Stenbroen

Owner from 1/4-1985 to 1/4-2010

1971 -

Mette Stenbroen

Owner from 1/4-2010 -

1998 -

Freja Stenbroen

Employed in the store since 2020