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Skagen-Ring Beach sand 9 mm

Skagen-Ring Beach sand 9 mm

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Call "Skagen"

A 9 mm wide finger ring that pays tribute to Skagen with six motifs or icons that symbolize memories of this beautiful place. Each motif is surrounded by beach sand, capturing the essence of Skagen's unique beauty and history. The ring becomes a timeless and personal piece of jewelry that brings back memories of visits to the coast.

  • Motifs : Cutter, fish, The Sand Church, Rocking Lighthouse, The Gray Lighthouse, The Sand Worm
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The Magic of Skagen

On the coast of Skagen, the waves of the sea dance in time with the golden colors of the sun, while the sky and the sea unite in an embrace of love. An endless romance is woven between the sand and the roaring sea under the enchanting painting of the sky.