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Pendant "Skagen"

Pendant "Skagen"

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Pendant "Skagencompass"

This pendant has a unique and maritime inspired design. In the center of the pendant is a compass that symbolizes direction and adventure. Around the compass along the edge of the pendant, four iconic Skagen motifs are embedded: The Tilting Lighthouse, The Gray Lighthouse, The Sand Church and a cutter.

Vippefyret and Det Grå Fyr are well-known lighthouses from Skagen, which symbolize the area's maritime history and importance as navigation points. The sandy church is an iconic symbol of the forces of nature. Finally, the cutter represents active fishing and life at sea.

The pendant is full of symbolism and history from the Skagen area, and the combination of lava sand, compass and iconic motifs make it a piece of jewelery with true maritime roots and a touch of adventure. It is perfect for those who love the sea and want to carry a part of Skagen's unique character with them.

Please note that the pendant is sold without a chain, chains can be purchased here

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The Magic of Skagen

On the coast of Skagen, the waves of the sea dance in time with the golden colors of the sun, while the sky and the sea unite in an embrace of love. An endless romance is woven between the sand and the roaring sea under the enchanting painting of the sky.